Hygiene is essential in the production process. Day-to-day inspections by Lammens NV’s Quality Assurance department allow the necessary adjustment of the production process in terms of quality and hygiene. These inspections are carried out by recognised laboratories through internal analyses by our own laboratory, and external analyses by recognised laboratories. In addition, recognised bureaus (ISA) regularly carry out inspections within the context of the BRC certification.

Food Safety & Traceability

In close co-operation with the Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC), Lammens NV’s Quality Assurance department introduced an open system of traceability. As well as daily inspections by the different permanent representatives (vets) of the FASFC, our own Quality Assurance department also inspect every link of the entire production every day. Conclusive traceability from the egg to the end consumer guarantees a safe product for consumers.